Jessica Zanotti | About me
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I am Jess Zanotti..

Jess is a Los Angeles-based wardrobe stylist and creative consultant. She enjoys using her creativity as a source of self expression through her styling work, art direction and content creation. Inspired by all things vintage, feminine and floral, her vision is unique and all her own.
She began her career as a production coordinator for Elizabeth and James where she quickly learned she was not meant to be working in a corporate office, behind a desk. She ventured off into the fashion styling world, first assisting prominent stylists such as Tara Swennen, Samantha Traina and Isabel Dupre. With well rounded knowledge of all the different types of styling: celebrity, editorial, campaign and advertising, she eventually branched off on her own, cultivating her feminine style and lending her creative eye to leading industry brands.

Also interested in travel, DIY and health and wellness, Jess is ever evolving and growing, and loves sharing her journey with her readers along the way.