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01 Sep blossom


Since I was a teen, I have always loved collaging, it was my favorite thing to do. I enjoyed going through all my fashion magazines, cutting up quotes and pictures and glueing them all together in my collage notebook. In college, it turned into being drawn to and flourishing at coming up with concepts and themes; there was a project where we just had to draw shoes and purses and I came up with a whole 1920s theme and adorned my project with vintage inspired mirrors, red velvet and decorative gold details. Every project for me always started with an idea of a theme, a story or a mood that I would conceptualize in collaged pictures. I idolized Grace Coddington’s work, to me it was more than just pictures in Vogue, more than just fashion editorials; it was art.

After college, I worked at a 9-5 production job for 2 years that I found unfulfilling, but I was finally “on my own” and needed to pay the bills. Still being drawn to the idea of dreaming up concepts and making visual stories, I saved money and quit in hopes to work for a fashion magazine. I created my own mini magazine where I styled and came up with shoots, bound these together and sent copies out to popular magazines to try to land an internship. I went to New York and interviewed at a couple fashion magazines, and despite being offered two of the three, I let the anxiety get the best of me and decided to stay in LA. I then interned at 3 magazines here in LA, fell into assisting stylists full time, and eventually was getting my own styling jobs. But I still found myself wanting to again, come up with concepts and create my own visual stories on the side, even if it was for free or for creative fun. I would moodboard on Pinterest like crazy and get lost in each theme and idea, wondering how to execute them. Slowly but surely I started doing shoots on the side, but was always too busy to do the amount of ideas I had in my head and devote all my attention to one project. Over the last 7 months, as I have mentioned before, I have been going through a significant amount of changes in my life, taking a big step back to see what it is I really want, trying a lot of new things one that that still remains consistent is my desire to come up with concepts and shoot them.

This shoot titled “Blossom,” was my first “official” attempt at art directing and styling.  The concept behind it was about a young girl finding her identity, digging through the scars from her past, bruised and battered, yet finding her way towards the light and embracing the beauty of life and being a woman. Fighting her way through her own insecurities and blossoming. This has been a running theme in a lot of concepts I have dreamt up all these years. And creating this I realized it was basically my story, my journey that I was trying to express. Though there is so much beauty and light in these photos, there is a certain darkness that lies in the story behind them; some of my own personal fears and demons. In a way this shoot was very personal, and I have found that finally expressing it and understanding why these ideals and images have lived in my head has helped me accept this part of me, and in a way release some of what I was holding onto. Art therapy if you must.

Bring your darkness to light and blossom, babies. <3


Cheers and thank you to the team of empowered women that helped me create this:

Photo: Liza Boone

Model: Sophie Seymour

Hair: Kat Thompson

Makeup: Beth Follert

Style & Art: Jess Zanotti



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