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four seasons santa barbara

15 Jul four seasons santa barbara


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The drive to Santa Barbara is typically a quick one. Straight shot up the 101N for two hours and voila, suddenly you’re in a whole new world:  the “American Riviera.” Upon exiting the freeway, we head towards the beach and are eventually driving parallel to the vast blue ocean, taking in the sites of the palm trees and the architectural spirit of Spain, finding it easy to shed the stress of the city in one deep breath.

Pulling into the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara with its red tiled roofs and whitewashed adobe walls, we were greeted by the very kind and accommodating staff. Entering the resort, our gracious host, Daniel, acts as our guide and educates us on the history of the grounds. Listening became challenging, as I was so in awe of the artistry all around me. The alluring ivy crawling along the pillars at the entrance, beautiful cherry wood furniture and doors, stylish art deco tiles, large arched doorways; my eyes were busy soaking in all the Spanish romanticism. As I refocus, I catch a few resort facts, “the hotel houses a fig tree from the 1800s, one of the oldest and largest in the country.” Very cool. “The Biltmore underwent a $305 million dollar renovation, uncovering original materials from the 1920s and 1930s, many of which were refurbished by hand.” Wow. “The resort offers 22 acres of lush gardens.” Gardens?! Oh man I can’t wait to see the gardens. On the way to our room, we pass a Buddha statue with flower offerings, I smile, appreciating the spiritual vibes. We mosey past the mini golf course and a couple giggling and flirting while playing croquet. We spot the fig tree that is larger than life, it’s branches far reaching and massive. Walking through the hallways to our room, I marvel at the vintage black and white photos of Santa Barbara that embellish the walls. So much history, spirit and culture.

Our suite was just as picturesque as the rest of the resort. A large comfortable bed, walk in closet, a gorgeous balcony overlooking lush greenery and my favorite part: the yellow art deco tiled bathroom and soaking tub. Though the bed and tub were more than inviting, there was so much exploring to do that napping was not an option quite yet. We relaxed at the pool, the only pool I have ever been in with underwater music. Hopped across the street to the Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club (you get free access when staying at The Four Seasons) and had a veggie burger while taking in the ocean views. I hung out at the resort’s spa, got a tranquil massage, utilized the eucalyptus steam room and obsessed over the dreamy claw foot tub in my massage room.

Though there was enough to do at the resort alone, we wanted to explore some of the historic town as well. We found ourselves wine tasting on the pier at family owned Conway wines, strolling along State Street loving the variety of healthy food options, and wine tasting again at night in an old school inspired bar, decorated with trophies and vintage wooden desks. On the morning of our departure, we walked along Coast Village Rd and popped into the French bakery Bree’osh to do some work. The bakery opened just one year ago by a charming French couple that moved to Santa Barbara from France. As I peeked out from behind my computer screen, I observed that the couple already had a strong rapport with their frequent customers. Our last stop was a tasty breakfast at Jeannie’s, a family owned restaurant for 30 years, enjoying the hot organic quinoa and fresh muesli topped off with a fresh juice: the perfect way to end the trip.

On the road back to the city of angels, I reflected on my time at The Four Seasons, and the city of Santa Barbara itself. I realized; not only do they both aesthetically resemble Spain, the heart of the city itself and it’s people also strongly mirror those in the land of the setting sun. Warm and inviting individuals that enjoy the little things in life, keep it simple, have strong family values, and an unyielding appreciation for their history. All of these things I greatly value myself. I left feeling very connected and inspired, and with enormous gratitude to have been lucky enough to spend time in this grounding city and this awe inspiring resort. 


A special thanks to The Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara for the unforgettable stay. <3

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