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15 Jun intro


Hello all, and welcome to my new site, self titled Jessica Zanotti. No actual “blog” name. As humans we continually evolve and change; what I liked last year I may not like this year, yet one thing that I know will always remain (probably even if I get married, sorry future hubby) is my name. So, keeping it simple and straight forward!

In the past nine months I have been going through significant changes in my life. Absolutely nothing has been sure, clear or comfortable, but through the uncertainty I have somehow experienced a dramatic shift in my perspective, feeling a pull towards making changes for the better. Blame it on Saturn Moon Rising, a breakup, a mental illness, who knows. Either way, I have been doing some deep soul searching, finding new interests, and at the same time coming back to the things I have always loved but kept straying away from. I have become determined to break mental patterns that have kept me stuck by continually challenging myself, trying new things, and getting comfortable being uncomfortable (it’s been a wildly uncomfortable nine months my friends). With all the recent realizations I have found myself wanting to do my work in a different way, cut out any unnecessary baggage, be honest and open, heal relationships and find a way to do all the things I have always wanted to do. This new site will be sharing my experiences and new interests on my journey, exploring my creativity as it is a core part of my being, all while being an online diary talking about something I have always wanted to speak up about but have been afraid to: mental illnesses. Anxiety disorders in particular, as I myself suffer from one and have always felt a need for more awareness around the subject.

So, if you have any interest in following me along on my journey of self discovery and growth, please do! I am aiming to be as honest and authentic as possible, because I think the world needs more of that!


<3 JZ

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