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perfect never

28 Dec perfect never

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“Perfect Never” – “Perfect is boring. It never changes, never improves and never shows you anything different. Fortunately, no one’s perfect. Not me, and not you. But that’s a good thing. Because there’s a lot that you can do that perfect can never do. Perfect never gets better, never learns and never grows. Perfect never challenges expectations or changes conversations. Perfect never expresses originality or sees setbacks as opportunities. You are who you’ve worked to become. Be proud that you’re never perfect.”

This Reebok campaign that came into my life a month ago could not be more perfect for where I am in my self-love journey right now. Reading the spiel above, I related to the campaign’s message so deeply and knew I wanted to be a part of it. Throughout my life, I have always had issues with “perfectionism,” as many of us do. I always strived to be perfect while feverishly rejecting my imperfections. This became self loathing in the form of body shaming, issues with food and insecurities about my appearance. I constantly worried that I wasn’t thin enough; I obsessed about every roll or pudge no matter how minute. I hated my wide shoulders and boyish figure. I hoped one day I would get surgery to fix my big cheeks. All the time I spent hating on these aspects of my body took away happiness from my life. This year I have focused more on self-love, self-compassion, and self-acceptance. It has been quite a journey working on unwinding all the negative thought patterns that I have created throughout my life. This campaign served as a challenge to keep pushing through these insecurities. Posing in front of the camera in a sports bra brought up a lot of my original insecurities. Though instead of shrinking away in fear I took it as another opportunity to challenge myself and work on accepting these parts of me. It wasn’t easy but I am proud that I pushed myself and that I got to be a part of a campaign that supports such a positive message.

As part of my self love journey this year, I have been writing myself letters of encouragement, support and love to pull me through some tough times. Sharing one below as it’s perfectly fitting for this campaign…

“You’ve spent your life striving for perfection and it has only caused stress. You push yourself so hard and burn yourself out even harder. Relish in the unknown my love. Laugh at the mistakes and be curious about why they happened. Love your imperfections and the lessons they teach you. Let these imperfections motivate you to just do your best and never let them discourage you. Don’t be fooled when it seems that others are living a perfect existence. It’s an illusion. And don’t you dare put forth that illusion yourself. Always be honest with yourself and others. Be as authentic as possible. Love your body; your narrow hips, your wide back and your big cheeks- they’re you’re mothers cheeks! Your mother’s mother’s cheeks! Don’t deny these parts of you that make you YOU. Settle into your “imperfections,” and thrive.”

Check out my Pinterest for more images from the Perfect Never campaign and for more wellness inspiration. 🙂

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