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27 Jun roadtrip


A road trip for me is a time of exploration, when you’re confined in your car, but not in your mind. Enjoying the open roads, feeling free, present and alive. With your heart open, and all your senses taking on the new sights, sounds and smells of each land you pass through, it’s a time to reflect, reminisce, and let go. These treks are also the ideal time to let out emotions and for this purpose any successful road trip involves the perfect playlist. Whether your solo or with company, belting out songs from the deepest part of you can be a truly healing experience. It could be a sad song reminding you of the boy that broke your heart: igniting waterworks, a song from your emo high school days that still gives you chills, or a 90s rap song that makes you laugh til’ you cry when you try to sing along: the perfect combo is imperative to get those vibes going on the road. Equally as important to having the ultimate playlist is having the ideal car to take to the road in. Sometimes you just don’t want to wear out your own wheels, or you simply want that perfect road trip van to make the experience that much more awesome. Enter Turo, the airbnb for car rentals. Turo is a peer to peer car rental company where you can list your own car or rent someone else’s car to take on your next adventure, at 30% less than traditional agencies. Some of Turo’s renters even leave CD’s or a custom playlists for their rentee to use as they explore a new city in their rented wheels. It’s personal touches like that that make their user experience unique.

Check out Turo’s site to browse their list of cars to inspire your next road trip, and click play to listen to my ultimate road trip playlist to see what gets my emo’s going while cruising the open pavement. 

What are some of your essential road trip songs?

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