As a true Renaissance Soul, Jessica Zanotti is a woman of many talents.

Whether she is dreaming up content, creative directing, or coaching: the underlying theme for everything she does lies within her passion for creating a mood and telling stories with an intention to contribute to a larger positive shift in the world.
Soulful, feminine and colorful, poetic yet bold; her empathetic nature and intuition allows her to create a unique style that is all her own. Spirituality being the key to unlocking her creativity; she has a deep love for meditation, yoga, and wellness, with a belief that optimal health is the foundation for happiness.
Exploring the world, investing herself emotionally in art and culture, and creating meaningful relationships with travelers along the way, Jess has developed a strong and unique sense of self, perpetuated by an open mind, full heart, and eagerness to share in other’s stories and perspectives.
Jess’s journey has taken her from fashion school, production coordinating, styling, to creative directing, and now incorporating spirituality and wellness into the mix; she is thankful to have built a career that encompasses her many passions, allowing her to satisfy all her curiosities. Always aiming to involve herself in projects that align with her core values, she enjoys collaborating with other like-minded individuals who also value creativity, family, community, sustainable food and fashion, consciousness, personal growth and women empowerment (just to name a few).
Jess loves co-creating with her community and is always welcoming new opportunities…
Let’s create magic together.
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