Holistic Wellness

align your mind, body & soul for optimum health, happiness & creativity

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As a Holistic Health Coach, Jess guides individuals towards living more authentic and aligned lives for improved health, happiness and creativity. She believes that optimal health is the foundation for everything and works with each individual to implement food and lifestyle changes specific to their body and needs, empowering them to feel their best from the inside out.

Knowing that true style is feeling at home in your own skin, Jess helps her clients identify imbalances in their lives that may be causing them to feel disconnected, whether it be physical, environmental or emotional. Using creativity and holistic methods as keys to unlocking self knowledge and inner alignment to break down habits and create actionable steps to build them back up again, they gain confidence, optimal health and richness of soul.

To learn more or book a session, email Jess at jessica.t.zanotti@gmail.com

"Be easy, take your time, you are coming home to yourself." - Nayyirah Waheed