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The Art of Self Care

The Art of Self Care


In the dictionary, self care is defined as: care of the self without medical or other professional consultation.

This word remained quite foreign to me and was not a part of my vocabulary for most of my life. Instead I relied on pills, medications and doctors to tell me what was best for me, to take away any aches and pains and for those pills to be my coping mechanisms for any physical or emotional problem I may face. I relied on these falsities until my body and spirit decided for me that it had had enough. When I had nothing else to lean on, no more crutches to take away the pain and problems, it was time for me to discover the art of self care.

Self care is an art form because it takes creativity to work around the mental blocks you may have that keep you from taking care of yourself first, before work, other people, and the laundry list of demands we face everyday. It also takes creativity to problem solve the jig saw puzzle our lives can become.

Self care is an art form because it takes discipline and focus to actually take the time to nurture yourself, to say NO and to put yourself first. It also takes discipline to discount the cultural habits and ideals that may make you feel guilty for doing so.

Ultimately, self care is an art form because it is a form of expression– an expression of the respect and love you have for yourself.

Every person is different and may have their own favorite ways to practice of self care; whether is be massages, facials, spa days, meditation, yoga, baths…the list could go on and on. This year I really began diving deep into self care, and have been exploring what works best for me and what I enjoy the most. After moving to Orange County after living in LA for 10 years, it has taken time to find new studios, salons, etc. to continue my self care routine. Luckily, OC Facial Care Center entered into my life; I got the opportunity to try out an infrared sauna session and facial treatment at their day spa, and I was eager to see what they had to offer to my self care knowledge and routine.

The Spa

Located in Lake Forest, California, OC Facial Care Center has a quaint boutique spa vibe with a touch of luxury. Arriving at the spa, I inhaled the delicious aromas that filled the boutique from all the soaps and oils; I  started to feel blissful already. My lovely esthetician Hayley introduced me to the range of products they offered at the spa and I was impressed with the selections. They had something for all skin types and there was a mixture of skinceuticals and all natural/organic products (these tend to be my faves) from brands such as Eminence and Caudalie.

The Sauna

Infrared saunas are one of my favorite forms of self care, who doesn’t like a good sweat to feel more open and refreshed? These saunas are a natural tool for healing and disease prevention; they work by heating the body up from the inside out, releasing the toxins from deep within the muscles and tissues, resulting in a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level. OC Facial Care has their own infrared sauna within the spa, secluded in its own private room, where I meditated and sweated it out for thirty minutes.

The Super Facial

The Super Facial absolutely lived up to its name. This 60 minute treatment included a deep cleansing, scrub, neck and shoulder massage, organic chocolate masque, Microdermabrasion, Oxygen Treatment AND Microcurrent. The deep cleansing, scrub and microdermabrasion removed any dry, dead skin cells and exfoliated clogged pores, leaving my skin looking and feeling younger and smoother. The neck and shoulder massage was gentle and nurturing and helped release tension and anxieties. The Oxygen Treatment used a small tool that literally pumped hyperbaric oxygen onto my skin which provided tonal balance, brightening and of course, more hydration. The microcurrent therapy was my favorite part. Using an ultrasonic tool to relieve muscle tension and lift, tone and re-educate sagging muscles in the face and neck; it was basically a face massage and felt phenomenal. 

They do good

I always love a business that gives back, and OC Facial Care Center donates a pair of flip flops to a child in need in the Philippines for every facial booked.

I used this time at OC Facial Care Center to practice the art of self care and bring more love and respect to my body and my skin. After dealing with hormonal acne and scarring for the last 3 years, I don’t trust just anyone with my skin; at OC Facial Care Center I felt very calm, supported and taken care of. Hayley, my lovely estetician was the most kind and gentle soul, she gave me trusted tips for my skin and recommendations for products. I left with rejuvenated skin, a happy spirit and a new place to practice the art of self care.

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Mood + Music : Romance of the Unusual

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