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Happiness w/ Mejuri

Happiness w/ Mejuri


Happiness is patience.

Happiness is overcoming struggles you never thought you could overcome.

Happiness is letting go.

Happiness is knowing yourself.

Happiness is having confidence in your decisions and actions.

Happiness is being open minded.

Happiness is having true friends.

Happiness is a hug from your mom.

Happiness is helping others.

Happiness is almonds and coconut butter for dessert.

Happiness is taking care of yourself, mind/body/soul.

Happiness is playing with flowers.

Happiness is yoga.

Happiness is traveling and experiencing new cultures.

Happiness is disconnecting for a weekend.

Happiness is surrendering.

During my brainstorm session for this post, these are the things I came up with when I got to thinking about my own personal happiness. Some things external, some internal. Ultimately, happiness lies within you and only you. It depends on your own thoughts and actions and your own personal effort in pursuing what it is that makes you feel vibrant. It really is what you make it. Cliche, but oh so true. The recent struggles and triumphs I have experienced have really deepened my understanding of the truth to these words. 

I have worn this Happiness necklace from Mejuri everyday since I received it a couple months ago. I honestly credit it to being one of the little things that has helped pull me through some of my darkest hours. It sits on my chest, close to my heart, and serves as a constant reminder to focus on the things that make me happy, and always believe that good will come, even in the toughest of times. It also symbolizes change and growth within myself. I used to wear a necklace that read “fuck off,” very telling of the harsh and cold exterior I used to portray. Now, when I catch myself nervously playing with my necklace, I smile, remembering the good it represents, the growth it represents, and the happiness that just this tiny gold pendant can bring.

It’s the little things in life. 

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