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The CBD Infused Serum That Cleared Up My Acne

The CBD Infused Serum That Cleared Up My Acne


Imagine being in your late twenties, breaking out with persistent cystic acne out of nowhere, working in the fashion industry where "beauty is everything" and hitting dead ends on all the clinical and medical solutions for said adult acne. This was me 2 years ago, feeling incredibly frustrated, embarrassed and confused, not knowing that you could basically hit a second round of puberty at age 28. I first went the medical route where the antibiotics the dermatologist prescribed made me violently ill, and the topical solutions literally burned my skin off. When I initially found out about the holistic route, I paid substantial amounts of money with holistic estheticians and the hefty amounts of products they recommended I buy. 6 months of $300 facials and $500/month of product, and my skin was still a bumpy mess. The next step of trying chelation therapy left me feeling terribly ill and broke.

After a year and a half of dead ends, endless amounts of money, and attempts/ failures at healing my skin, I finally found a diet and skin regimen that actually worked. My nutritionist helped me clean up internally, and Khus Khus Herbal’s SEN Serum, that is infused with Rhu Khus + CBD, Frankincense, Lavender, Rhododendron, and Black Currant Seed Oil brought my skin back to life. These Ayurvedic and Western botanicals mixed with the endocannabinoid healing power of European Eco Certified CBD oil completely clear up my skin. No more bumps, no more redness and even the brown pigmentation on my cheeks began disappearing. Now nearly a year later and still using the serum, my skin remains clean and clear. I rarely wear makeup and I actually feel comfortable in my own skin. I am endlessly grateful to Khus Khus for their pure, powerful and healing products and felt the the need to spread the word.

After experiencing the healing benefits of the SEN serum and then the magic of the COPIOUS body serum that magically takes away my PMS cramps, I reached out to Khus Khus’s founder, Kristi Blustein to see if she would be open to an interview. I’ve tested many other natural and organic brands, but the purity of this plant based brand from Colorado absolutely stood out- and I wanted to know why. After speaking with Kristi, the why was crystal clear. 

She has a formal education in Ayurveda and Vedic Science. Her sincere passion for plant medicine, her product and her craft is indisputable. She is clearly in alignment with her purpose. She invests time in her own self care and encourages others to do the same. It’s no wonder why her products are magic; her essence shines through with ease and her wisdom is felt through her words. See what I mean below.


1. Tell me a little bit about the journey to Khus + Khus.

The concept started many years ago actually, I just didn't have the appropriate training. I started practicing yoga intensely over nine years ago, which then led to an interest and formal education in Ayurvedic Medicine and Vedic Science. This took about 5 years to complete. I had very little contact with plant medicine before when I originally came up with the concept, but I had been living toxic free for several years before finding yoga. Right after graduation I opened Bala Ayurveda, a donation based Ayurvedic Health Practice. I found that I was having a great deal of compliance issues when it came to herbal recommendations. I was disappointed at first because customized formulas for health issues can be very time consuming, there is a lot of research that goes into every formula. So when I found my patients were not taking them at least at the recommended doses it left me feeling somewhat bound in terms of what I could offer that would really benefit them health wise. But we have a self care practice known as Abhyanga; a self massage with herbal infused warm oil, and the compliance was really good. It got me thinking about a line of body oils based on energetic and plant medicine. I went on to study Western Herbalism and finished a few courses on aromatherapy with David Crow and a new modern concept began to emerge. Plant medicine in the form of skin care.


2. Did you have moments of doubt when starting Khus + Khus? How did you overcome these doubts?

Of course, but those thoughts don’t serve me and I’m aware of this thanks to 9 plus years of meditation. I feel strongly that the best way to control your mental habits is to observe the mind during meditation and throughout your day. To become aware of the thought patterns that no longer serve you and push through until a positive mindset is firmly established.


3. What does "Khus + Khus" mean?

It’s a play on Ruh Khus, the Vetiver plant, aka the oil of tranquility. It’s chemical composition is complex and it is a source of vital energy and regeneration. This pretty much sums up all of our products and the ethos of KHUS+KHUS.


4. How is your knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine incorporated when crafting your products?

I use the same formula design I learned in Ayurveda school to create the formulas for KHUS+ KHUS; I look at energetic and internal healing potential plus skincare constituents when formulating. These products are produced to create internal multi faceted healing because you cannot not have the most beautiful balanced complexion without internal homeostasis. This is learned in Ayurvedic medicine, self care and lifestyle routines are the key to health in Ayurvedic Science. Plants are our allies, they are an intrinsic part of an overall wellness routine. Plants connect us to nature this is vital to our health. 


5. Can you tell me a little bit about how botanicals can be used to heal the body? 

Well to simplify, they translate millions of years of evolutionary success through our bloodstream, essential oils work through our olfactory system as well, the olfactory system is connected to the  hypothalamus, the hypothalamus controls homeostasis. They also assist regulating hormone output and regulate the stress response in the body by taking action on the endocrine and nervous system. One of my teachers likes to point out that plant's translate their immune system to us, and since they have been around for millions of years there's quite a large amount of information being introduced into our bodies.  


6. What really caught my eye was your CBD infused products, what are the added benefits of this particular oil?

Well there is several known and several that are still being researched. What we do know is that CBD is a nutritive powerhouse providing deep anti-inflammatory cellular healing. It’s a recognized tonic great for regenerative effects on the skin. It also takes action in the endocannabinoid system, a group of endogenous cannabinoid receptors located in the brain and throughout the central and peripheral nervous system. There are 480 plus known constituents, that’s a great deal of healing potential. 


7. Sustainability and all natural ingredients are so important when creating skincare, what makes Khus + Khus sustainable and organic?

Sourcing is vitally important because when you use contaminated essential oils they are so concentrated that when you apply them you are receiving the equivalent of pharmaceutical level herbalism.  Now imagine you’re applying a high concentration of pesticides, there is so much plant material used to create essential oil, if that material is contaminated you are introducing into the bloodstream on a concentrated level all of those pesticides, this is counter intuitive to healing. 

We source mostly from Provence, France actually, our CBD is eco certified from Sweden and we also work with a handful of farmers coops in the UK. It is no secret that Europe has some of the most restrictive growing practices with very high standards when it comes to cultivation. We like to buy eco certified when possible. 


8. There are those who say natural skincare is not strong enough to deal with skin issues like acne or eczema,  compared to products with harsher chemicals. What is your take on this? 

The harsher chemicals are responsible for systemic metabolic inflammation, your biological makeup is connected to nature and we are in and have been in a symbiotic relationship with plants for thousands of years. We have evolved with them and our bodies recognize this information and assimilate it into the bodily system. When we use chemicals which for the most part are isolated compounds our bodies do not recognize this information this causes systemic deregulation, thus manifesting inflammation which is the cause of many skin imbalances. I find this lack of understanding detrimental to attaining balanced healthy skin.


8. What are your skincare rituals?

Abhyanga daily is primary because it provides immunity protection by stimulating lymphatic movement while incorporating plant medicine internally into the bloodstream. Also we should begin to look at the skin as one complete organ versus just take care of my face, body second it’s all connected, this is why our line has such emphasis on body serums, as well as face serums.  I really believe in care for the whole body. For my face regimen it’s a simple non toxic cleanser, followed by hydrolat and application of a face serum. I generally have two that I’m using at any given time one for morning and one for night. I believe in keeping the regimen as simple as possible, we don’t need 15 different products. We need to let the plants work and allow some time for their constituents to translate information intracellularly. Most of our products are formulated to take action on the liver, I always say clean liver, clean skin, but you need to give it some time to work. 


9. Top 5 tips for healthy skin?

Diet, Exercise, Meditation, Relaxation, Non toxic products in all areas especially skincare, but also cleaning and laundry products. All of these practices calm the mind and assist in regulating stress response in the body, creating homeostasis and maintaining it is the key to healthy skin.


10. I could tell from our first email interactions that you are very passionate about your product and your craft, and it very much feels like you are in alignment with your purpose. What advice could you give to women that are still searching for their purpose?

Meditation has been profoundly beneficial for me to overcome latent fears that were blocking me from really attaining a clear understanding of what to do with my life. It has helped me tremendously in maintaining focus, once you can control your thoughts you can control your life.


11. Advice for other women entrepreneurs out there?

Focus, and use your power to clearly manifest what you want and see this in your mind daily. Remove yourself from any environment that doesn’t support you because negative people with negative minds can really impact your vibration more than you think, if anything they place doubts which you don’t need when trying to build a business.  When we have a clear intention things have a way of working out.


12. What do you wish you could tell your 25 year old self?

Chill out, it’s okay that you don’t have clarity you have a lot of work to do before you even begin to figure some of it out. Enjoy being young, enjoy life and don’t worry so much. 


13. Current mantra?

Isvara pranidhana, always. While practicing asana, pranayama especially. I would offer a definition but it’s one of those things you might want to look up for yourself. 


14. If you could offer one piece of life advice from all you've learned on your journey thus far, what would it be?

I want to say practice yoga, but my Ayurveda training helps me to recognize that this isn’t the path for everyone. I would say that our perceived limitations are projections of our minds and if you can find something anything that allows you to expand your consciousness to harness your power, and allows you to really find love and compassion which is what you are really, then by all means do that. From this place where we are open and non-judgmental, life gets whole lot easier.  Carrying around all that judgment for ourselves that is then projected out ward becomes a heavy burden and a real impediment to finding peace and balance in our lives. Your body represents the manifestation of your mind this is a very important understanding in Yogic and Vedic Science. Do you see yourself as healthy, loving and compassionate? Change your mind, change your habits, change your life to reflect what you want to manifest. This I learned from the practice of Yoga. When you have suffered enough you will seek the path that works for you. The suffering is the catalyst to true healing, out of the mud grows the lotus. 

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