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Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energy

Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energy


I have become increasingly interested in Eastern Medicine over the past couple years and how it focuses on addressing root causes and finding balance from within. Finding balance internally not only means eating a healthy diet, but also encourages addressing your energy. 

In Chinese Medicine, a healthy balance means your YIN & YANG energies are in sync; Yin being your Feminine energy and Yang being your Masculine energy. Feminine and Masculine energy  does not mean being male or female. Regardless of gender, we all have both masculine and feminine energy. When they are in harmony, life feels balanced and you feel like your most vibrant and vital self.

See below for some of the principles of Yin & Yang energies and read on to discover how to identify imbalances and engage both your masculine and feminine for further alignment.

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Now that you have an understanding of the difference between these two energy types, take a look at how imbalance of these energies may show up in a person or society:


Neither energy is more important or more powerful than the other, both are harmoniously manifested when being balanced by the other. Within masculine energy, there is always a core of the feminine and within the feminine there is always a piece of the masculine (which is represented in the yin yang symbol).

Now if you're reading this and realizing that your masculine & feminine energies are totally out of whack, then have no fear!.. there are ways to invoke and engage them for a more harmonious balance...


  • Dance: Move your body as it pleases and flow. Dancing takes us out of our left brain and into our right brain, our creative brain, our feminine side.
  • Get creative: Art, writing, painting, cooking, dancing, gardening. Make time and create space to get creative. 
  • Nature: Ground into the earth and charge those negative ions in nature for more clarity and ease.
  • Meditate: Our yang side, our ego, wants to constantly be doing and achieving. Whether your meditative practice is sitting in stillness, doing yoga or thai chi; take the time to get still and quiet the monkey mind. Detach from the mental chatter and get acquainted with the inner voice of your soul.


  • Workout: Try a slightly more intense workout than you’re used to. Lift weights, try different forms of cardio or a power yoga class.
  • Plan: Choose an idea to pursue and create a structured plan and start taking action.
  • Try something new: Pick an event, workshop or group that you’ve been wanting to attend (book club, improv, moon circle, etc) sign up and go!


Take a look at your environment and your life, are you surrounded by more masculine or more feminine energy?

For example, your environment can affect you more than you may notice or think, and your surroundings/life can lean towards being more yin or yang. Living in a city can result in an overdose of masculine energy with it's constant stimulation and high energy from the overwhelming amount of cars, people, buildings and noise. Cities tend to be seen as masculine, but are more so when they have a lack of color, architecture with straight edges and are more austere. If this is the case, your feminine side may need more tending to. Make sure to get to nature, if even a garden or a park in your city and find some solo time to regroup. 

If you work in an environment where you are using an abundance of your feminine energy; a nurturing career like being a teacher or a healer, you know you need to give more attention to your masculine side to maintain balance. 

All that being said, life is always in motion and change is happening constantly. Therefore, your masculine and feminine energies are continually in a flux; one week you may need to focus more attention on your masculine side, and the next week the feminine. As long as you do the work to remain aware, you will learn how to flow with the dance of life.

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