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Women's Wellness Retreat in the Mountains

Women's Wellness Retreat in the Mountains

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Hosted a Moon Sister Retreat at my family's cabin in Lake Arrowhead this week and had the most soul nourishing time.

Morning tea ceremonies. 

Kayak adventures. 

Lake dips.

Foraging for wild flowers.

Home made food.

All the snacks.

Kuan Yin tarot card readings by the lake.

Deep conversation. 

Peace Mist blessings.


Back in LA and feeling recharged after a few days in the mountains, so grateful to have curated this retreat that came together effortlessly. 

If you're interested in hosting your own women's retreat, I gave some planning tips to The Good Trade on this topic, you can check out the article here.


Thanks to She Thinx, Muse Bath, Schmidt's Naturals, &  Khus Khus Herbal for the goodies <3

Mood + Music : Release

Mood + Music : Release

Mood + Music : Grow & Refine

Mood + Music : Grow & Refine