Your environment, whom you choose to surround yourself with, the clothes you put on your back, the food you put in your body, and the way you choose to express yourself and use your authentic talents through your work or art, all play key roles in your health and happiness. All of these factors put together either form harmony or disharmony in your life or for your brand. Knowing and choosing what is right for you unapologetically takes self inquiry and discipline.

Believing that creativity & spirituality go hand in hand, Jess has taken her background of styling / creative direction and her recent Holistic Health Coach certification and merged them into the set of unique holistic and creative offerings seen below. Her intention is to guide each brand and individual she works with towards their most authentic, and aligned expression to cultivate healing for the collective.

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  • Personal Styling

    • Using a holistic approach to personal style, Jess uses her intuition and creativity to help her clients refine and elevate their style to feel their best from the outside in.

      Together we get clear on your own authentic style and how you want to express yourself through your clothing to get what you want and own who you are. Through cleaning out the clutter in your closet and setting intentions on what you want your style to say about you, we will rediscover what’s in your closet, fill in the holes to help you get dressed with more ease and learn how to dress with intention to fit your lifestyle.

    • Rates range from $500 - $3,500. Please contact me for individual packages.

  • Creative  Direction + Styling

    • Using my visual storytelling and coaching skills, I help brands get clear on their "why" to co-create purposeful content that is rooted in intention, and drives an authentic emotional connection with their audience. 

    • For rates and requests please contact me



  • Holistic Health Coaching ~ $150 / session

    • Jess believes that optimal health is the foundation for everything. From her own personal experience and her training in Holistic Health, she works with each individual to break down habits and create actionable steps to build them back up again, while helping them implement food and lifestyle changes specific to their body and needs, empowering them to feel their best from the inside out. 

    • This service supports : anxiety, depression, life transitions, health issues, unlocking creative potential



Client Testimonials

“Working with Jess changed my life! 

When we started working together I was very unhappy with my job and feeling stuck, anxious, stressed and overwhelmed. I wasn't taking care of myself physically (and mentally) and finally got to a point where I felt like I needed help. I had been curious about meditation and kept meaning to eat better, exercise more, etc, but had no idea how to start. When Jess told me she was embarking on this new endeavor, I was intrigued and wanted to know more. I quickly realized that she made me feel comfortable and at ease, so I knew I'd be in good hands and decided to start the journey with her!

Rather than giving me an overwhelming laundry list of "to-do's", Jess really listened to what I was saying and developed a plan of action that fit my personality and comfort level. She also dove in with me to address what was going on in my life that was causing me to feel so out of sorts. Making the connection between my happiness and my healthiness was mind-blowing! Jess's coaching gave me the clarity and confidence that I needed to make positive change in my life. 

Jess helped me realize that it was in my power to change my situation, and that making this change would ultimately help me implement all of the healthy lifestyle choices that I'd been wanting to make. Most importantly, she showed me that change isn't my enemy. Jess helped me find the courage and inner strength to not only embrace change, but to create it.” -Savannah, LA.